Late to the party : macedonian performance on video since 1991- links & resources

I’m really looking forward to showing a Swiss audience at Museum Tinguely a showreel of Macedonian performance art on video, as part of PANCH‘s extraordinary three month long festival of performance art, BANG BANG.

Nora Stojanovikj, Gathering Scales of the Big Fish (In the Fish Tank), 1997, video still

For those unable to come or for those who came and are injterested to find out more, please see below a link of resources on contemporary art from North Macedonia, artists, instiutions and some writings. It’s not an exhaustive list but I shall be adding to it as time goes on! Hope you find it useful.

ZAUM Arhiv:

Iskra Dimitrova:

OPA (Obsessive Possessive Aggression):

Verica Kovacevska:

Igor Toshevski:

Gjorgje Jovanovik:

Maja Kirovska:

Darko Aleksovski:

Marko Gutić Mižimakov:

Elena Chemerska:

Ivana Mirchevska:

Natasha Nedelkova:

Ana Lazarevska:


Other Interesting Artists:

Yane Calovski:

Hristina Ivanoska:

Ana Jovanovska

Irena Paskali:

Nada Prlja:

Goran Ristovski:

Zoran Shekerov:

Ivana Sidžimovska

Nikola Uzunovski:

Dragana Zarevska:

Macedonian Institutions:

Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje:

National Gallery of Macedonia:

Museum of the City of Skopje:

AKTO Festival, Bitola / Skopje :

(Directors: Filip Jovanovski:

                   Ivana Vaseva: )

Jadro Association Gallery, Skopje:

Lokomotiva, Skopje:

Press to Exit, Skopje:

Private Print, Contemporary Art Publisher :

Skopje 2014 Uncovered:

Past Writings & Shows:

Overcoming Art (2021: Jadro Association, Skopje & ISU, Zagreb: with Bojan Ivanov, Ivana Samandova & Angela Vitanovska). The video show can be seen at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Zagreb’s website.

In Between States : Exchange Exhibition between Scotland & Macedonia (2019, Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen & Museum of the City of Skopje)

Captured State : New Art from Macedonia (2017: Summerhall, Edinburgh)

Critical Art in Contemporary Macedonia (2016: mala galerija, Skopje)


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