Stripping the Overburden

Triple Harvest Films, Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, Corby It's been a very hard millennium so far for the steel industry, coming immediately after the precipitate decline of the late twentieth century. The UK's remaining large steelworks, at Scunthorpe and Port Talbot, have been engaged in a pitiless, attritional struggle for survival; whilst Scunthorpe and "British Steel" … Continue reading Stripping the Overburden

Contemporary Protest & the Visual in Belarus

Background For the first time in perhaps a decade, tensions are stirring in Belarus. The country is approaching a general election on August 9th, in which the incumbent President Aleksandr Lukashenko, in power since 1994, is facing his stiffest challenge for many years. Aleksandar Lukashenko addresses the Belarusian National Assembly on 4 August (BBC) Lukashenko … Continue reading Contemporary Protest & the Visual in Belarus

Groundwork Weekender in Milton Keynes

I spent last weekend at the Groundwork weekender in Milton Keynes, organised by the artist / curatorial collective, Tracing the Pathway. Groundwork set itself up as a three day event involving artists, performers, researchers, writers to respond to the environment of Milton Keynes through a carefully curated series of projects and events, and to leaven … Continue reading Groundwork Weekender in Milton Keynes

Captured State : New Art from Macedonia

It's a busy week next week in Edinburgh, as Friday night sees the opening of an exhibition that has been a long time in the making; the arrival of six contemporary artists from the Republic of Macedonia for the exhibition Captured State. Macedonia is not a country with a high profile contemporary art "scene", unlike … Continue reading Captured State : New Art from Macedonia

Lecture in Edinburgh on British Realism Exhibition 2 October

I am very much looking forward to my talk at the National Galleries of Scotland in Edinburgh soon- looking at apsects of Patrick Elliot's show on British realism in the inter-war years. It's been a while since I was last at the gallery and the talk also provides an opportunity to look again at material … Continue reading Lecture in Edinburgh on British Realism Exhibition 2 October