3 Generations of Women Artists :Horsecross Art Space, Perth, 8 March



This coming Wednesday, there will be a rare opportunity for gallery visitors to engage with contemporary video art from Bosnia-Herzegovina at the Horsecross Arts Space in Perth.

Highlights of the afternoon will be a showing of six video works by key artists currently active in BiH: the works of Adela Jušiċ, Lana Čmajčanin, Irena Sladoje, Borjana Mrđa, Nina Komel, and Selma Selman, will be presented in Scotland for the first time. Meanwhile Bosnian performance and sound artist Maja Zećo will present her latest work One Thousand Pomegranate Seeds for the very first time.

Maja Zećo Performance Preview

The afternoon will start with a presentation from co-curator Iliyana Nedkova and will be followed by a lecture from Jon Blackwood on contemporary cultural contexts in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the role played by women in framing debates in art and wider society.

The afternoon begins at 1500hrs and the performance will begin around 1700. If you are unable to come on Wednesday, you will be able to see the videos on display at Horsecross until the 11th April. Both the performance and the lecture will be made available online, after the event…details will be posted when they are to hand.

Look forward to seeing you all there!

3G: Three Generations of Women Artists Perform beings at 1500 on International Womens’ Day, Wednesday 8 March. Advance booking is essential through Horsecross Arts Box Office. The screen performances are limited to over 16s due to graphic content related to conflict. For tickets and info for Three Generations of Women Artists Perform click here or call 01738 621031.

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